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American Locomotive Company
ALCo FA-1 + FB-1 + FA-1 „Southern Pacific“ Daylight
Southern Pacific Lines *Overnight Merchandise Service* „Limited Edition“
Southern Railway 40`Steel Boxcar 
Southern Pacific Lines *Overnight Service* 40`Steel Boxcar
Southern Pacific Low Sided Flatcar
ALCo FA-1 + FB-1 + FA-1 „Rock Island“
Southern Pacific Stakes Flatcar with GE Cable Reel
Southern Pacific Cupola Steel Caboose
Union Pacific Simulated 40`Steel Stalke Flatcar‘s with Load
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 40‘ Drop End Gondola Car 
SOO LINE 40‘ Drop End Gondola Car
Pennsylvania 40‘ Drop End Gondola Car
Central Vermont 40‘ Drop End Gondola Car
Maine Central 40‘ Drop End Gondola Car
Palo Verge - Arizona