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Electro Motive Diesel
3 Bay Hopper - East Broad Top
Union Pacific Single Dome Oil Tank Car
State of Maine, Bangor and Aroostook Wood Boxcars „Limited Edition“
New York Central Covered 2 Bay Hopper
Pennsylvania Rail Road (P.R.R.) Single Dome Water Tank Car
Radio Flyer 40´Steel Boxcar „Limited Edition“   
Coca Cola Melody Wood Boxcar „Limited Edition“
Radio Flyer Flatcar + Red Toy Wagon „Limited Edition“ (3)
Radio Flyer Steel Caboose „Limited Edition“
Union Pacific „automated rail way“ 40´Steel Boxcar
EMD GP30 „Santa Fe“ Warbonnet
ATSF Santa Fe „Super Shock Control“ 40´Steel Boxcar
EMD GP38-2 „Canadian National“
Canadian Pacific „Two-Tier Auto Carrier“
US Classic Truck Express Flat Car + Ford F100 Pick-Ups 
Santa Fe Steel Caboose
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose
Boston & Main 40´Steel Boxcar
Kiss of the Nevada Sun …. (5)
EMD GP30 „Rio Grande“
EMD F7-A + F7-B + F7-B + F7-A „Santa Fe“ Warbonnet
EMD NW-2 Cow & EMD NW-2 Calf „Rio Grande“
Passenger Car
Dining Car
Dome Car
Observation Car
EMD GP38-2 „Conrail Quality“
Passenger Car