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Electro-Motive Division

1922 - 2005

EMD GP30 „Santa Fe“ Warbonnet

ATSF Santa Fe „Super Shock Control“ 40´Steel Boxcar

State of Maine, Bangor and Aroostook Wood Boxcars „Limited Edition“

Coca Cola Melody Wood Boxcar „Limited Edition“

Union Pacific Single Dome Oil Tank Car

Pennsylvania Rail Road (P.R.R.) Single Dome Water Tank Car

3 Bay Hopper - East Broad Top

New York Central Covered 2 Bay Hopper

Boston & Main 40´Steel Boxcar

Union Pacific „automated rail way“ 40´Steel Boxcar

Santa Fe Steel Caboose

EMD GP30 „Santa Fe“ Warbonnet

Radio Flyer Flatcar + Red Toy Wagon „Limited Edition“ (3)

Radio Flyer 40´Steel Boxcar „Limited Edition“

Radio Flyer Steel Caboose „Limited Edition“

EMD GP38-2 „Canadian National“

Canadian Pacific „Two-Tier Auto Carrier“

US Classic Truck Express Flat Car with Car Load

Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose

EMD GP38-2 „Conrail Quality“

Kiss of the Nevada Sun …. Steelboxcars (5)

EMD F7-A + F7-B + F7-B + F7-A „Santa Fe“ Warbonnet

Passenger Car

Dining Car

Dome Car

Observation Car

EMD GP30 „Rio Grande“

EMD NW-2 Cow & EMD NW-2 Calf „Rio Grande“

EMD GP38-2 „Southern Pacific“ *Red Nose*